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We are a charity which funds research into any type of cancer anywhere in the world.

We fund projects in the world’s best research institutions. We fund some of the world’s most diverse and unexpected projects. We fund world-renowned specialists and up and coming talent. We do all those things for one very good reason - to gain a global perspective. Because research doesn’t happen in isolation.  The answers will not come from one scientist, in one lab, in one country.

Scientists may compete to be the first to make a world-changing discovery, but they are linked together by an unflinching commitment to better understand cancer and how we can live with it. For this reason they share their discoveries. And they need to because cancer is not one disease – it’s more than 200. All different, unique diseases, which require different approaches for treatment. Treatments that work for some cancers don’t work for others and sometimes those treatments simply stop working. 

This worldwide research will enhance our understanding of cancer and help us find and develop better, more effective treatments. Treatments personalised to your unique needs. Treatments you, your family or your family’s family may rely on in the future.

But research won’t happen without funding. And without research we make no further progress. Without research we stop investing in our future health.

To realise our vision of no life cut short by cancer the research can never stop.

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Studying breast cancer resistance to tamoxifen

This project hopes to identify new functions for a protein which may help us to understand how resistance to tamoxifen happens at a molecular level.

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Looking for the key to Prostate Cancer

An American researcher and his team have found a chemical that can stop a crucial receptor from being switched on.

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Understanding Lung Cancer

A project in The Netherlands is looking at ways to improve the survival rate of the most common cause of cancer related death in the world.

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