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Fundraisers nominated to be face of #GivingTuesday

Published October 18, 2016 by Worldwide Cancer Research

We’re excited to announce that our fundraisers, Gemma and Craig Scott, have been nominated to become the UK face of #givingtuesday- the global day of giving.
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A new way to prevent bowel cancer?

Published October 17, 2016 by worldwide Cancer Research

Scientists have found a potentially new way to help prevent bowel cancer before it starts.
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Scientists discover new molecular mechanism in cancer

Published October 12, 2016 by Worldwide Cancer Research

Worldwide Cancer Research scientist Dr Eva Petermann and her team at the University of Birmingham have discovered a previously unknown molecular mechanism that could cause the genetic mutations seen in some aggressive cancers.
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New insight into the cause of a rare blood cancer

Published October 07, 2016 by Worldwide Cancer Research

With funding from Worldwide Cancer Research, Dr Golam Mohi and his colleagues, have found that loss of activity of the EZH2 gene can allow the development of Myelofibrosis (MF) in mice.
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First evidence direct from human stem cells provides new insight into cancer ‘lifestyle’ vs ‘bad luck debate

Published October 03, 2016 by Worldwide Cancer Research

Worldwide Cancer Research scientist Dr Ruben van Boxtel and his team at UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands have gathered evidence directly from human stem cells which show that although accidental ‘bad luck’ may play a part in some cancers, it is perhaps not as much as has been previously suggested.
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