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It’s a very special year for Worldwide Cancer Research, as 2019 marks our 40th birthday. But there will be no streamers, candles or balloons - we won’t be having a party.

Because, for as long as 1 in 2 people are still being diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime, birthdays will go uncelebrated, cards unwritten and cakes uncut. And that doesn’t feel like something worth celebrating.

"20 by 30"
We’ve reached many milestones together and have helped save countless lives, but funding to enable scientists in the UK, and across the world, to search for the answers to cancer is running out.

That’s why we need your help more than ever before. Our goal is to fund £20m worth of pioneering cancer research projects by 2030. That’s 100 new life-saving ideas every year. Currently, we can only fund 20.


We’ve already made huge breakthroughs by funding:

- Research that laid the foundations for using the diabetes drug metformin to treat and prevent cancer. Metformin is now involved in over 100 clinical trials for many different types of cancer.
- Work that led to the discovery of human stem cells in the gut. This discovery helped develop a technique to grow mini-tumours, or organoids, in the lab, directly from a patients cancer cells – opening the door for personalised treatment.
- Research that kick-started a brand new type of immunotherapy – one that’s now saving the lives of patients in clinical trials.

Just a little extra this year can go a long way
Of the 400 grant applications we receive every year, only half will go forward for review. From there, we can only give further consideration to the most promising 100 applications. That’s 100 cutting-edge research projects. 100 keys that could hold the answers to cancer, 100 potential treatments, 100 potential cures.

Unfortunately, we can only ever fund 20 of these projects. Just imagine what we could achieve with sufficient funding for all of them? Please, if you can, help us with a donation today, and let’s do everything we can to fund more vital research.

Donate today and help us fund them all.

Donate £20.19 today
Help us find and fund the bold ideas that will help us find a cure for cancer and end people's suffering.


The impact of your support

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