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Cbeebies presenter Aneta Piotrowska: “Cancer research should transcend borders.”

If you have young children (or you’re just partial to a bit of children’s TV) you’ll probably recognise Aneta Piotrowska. She’s an actress and CBeebies presenter who lives in South East London and recently ran the Petts Wood 10k to raise money for Worldwide Cancer Research. Aneta is one our special guest readers at our Candlelit Christmas Carol service in London on 1st December (more details below.)

Being originally from Poland, and with close family members affected by cancer, she wanted to raise money for an organisation that believed in funding the best cancer research, no matter where in the world it takes place. A quick Google search led her straight to our charity.

We caught up with her to see what motivates her to keep running, fundraising and supporting us.

We have to ask- is being a Cbeebies presenter the best job in the world?

I love it! It’s so much fun. I've been a regular presenter for Cbeebies Poland since 2008 -and since 2014 - a guest presenter on Cbeebies UK. I also perform a lot in theatre, my next play is Dead Simple, performing at the Mill in Sonning near Reading. I also do a lot of voice over work in Polish and in English.


What made you decide to start fundraising for our charity?

I had been running for a while, and when you're running it helps to have a goal. So I did a little research about public runs taking place and found a 10k run in Petswood near where I live in South East London near the border with Kent, which has some gorgeous woodland and park space.  It always helps to have a goal when you are running, so I really wanted to fundraise for a charity who helped a cause that was close to my heart. A quick search online led me to Worldwide Cancer Research.

The spirit and the energy of the 10k on the day was incredible- the sun was shining, and just to be a part of that crowd- I can't even describe the feeling! Everybody was running for charity - everybody had a common goal to improve the lives of other which just increased the joy of the whole day.

Now my goal is to do a half marathon for Worldwide Cancer Research next year.

Why is our work an important cause for you?

I wanted to run for a global charity that supports cancer research, a cause close to my heart.  I didn't want the research to be limited to one country- I wanted to raise money to support scientists all over the world.  If you think about it, these days it’s like we all live in one big country, so cancer research should transcend borders.

“I like to think we live in one big country, so cancer research should transcend borders"

In my family cancer has been present over the years. I'm aware of it every day. I'm especially aware of it nowadays having a presence on social media, and how present it is in my friends lives. It's our worst enemy, bigger than any war.

That’s why I’m also thrilled to support Worldwide Cancer Research at their Candlelight Christmas Carols concert this Thursday. I’m a very Christmassy person!

There are still some tickets available for the Candlelit Christmas Carol concert at the All Saints Church, Margaret Street in London where Aneta will be doing a reading this Thursday evening. Click here or call 01334 477 910 to purchase over the phone.

Communications Manager at Worldwide Cancer Research

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