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3 inspiring ways our supporters are leaving a Lasting Tribute to their loved ones

Losing someone you love is never easy. Neither are the special days which remind you that someone special is missing. Giving in memory of a loved one or friend is a very special and personal way of remembering them.

Worldwide Cancer Research has created Lasting Tribute to support and inspire you in celebrating the life of a loved one or friend you have lost to cancer. Lasting Tribute is a special online space where you, your family and friends can remember and celebrate a loved one by sharing photos, videos, stories and messages all whilst supporting lifesaving cancer research that could allow people affected by cancer more time with their families.

Mark those Special Moments

Creating a Lasting Tribute can help remember your loved ones and the time you spent together while raising money to fund life-saving cancer research.

Laura McLachlan set up a Lasting Tribute in memory of her Gran, Ellen Lyons, who lost her short battle with ovarian cancer in May 2017. Laura uses the fund as a way to mark those special moments that friends and family shared with Ellen – as well as those that were special and shared only by them. The pounds spent on Saturday morning ‘cuppys’, packets of M&S toffees and those shared cream cakes now help fund vital cancer research whilst reminding Laura of her Gran’s favourite thing – time spent with family.

It’s in the Jeans

Kevin O’Donnell passed away from a brain tumor in 1986 aged just 36. Thirty years on, we are still looking for the answers to cancer. That’s why Kevin’s daughter Kyla set up a Lasting Tribute in memory of her father - and has found her own unique way to help fund the search for answers in her father’s name. 

The ‘Kevin Denim’ jeans company was set up in 2017 with 50% of profits being donated to Worldwide Cancer Research through Kevin’s Lasting Tribute.

“If Dad had survived, he would have gone on to raise money for cancer research,” explains Kyla. “Because he never got the chance to do that, I am doing this on his behalf and dedicating it to his memory. We firmly believe that together, with your help, the cures for cancer could be in the jeans.

Homemade lasting memories

When Lynda Parsons’s brother Steven Pearsall died of stomach cancer in 2011, she turned to something she loved doing - making and selling handmade cards. Lynda is determined to fundraise for research in his memory and has used her exceptional talent with all proceeds from the cards going to Worldwide Cancer Research.

To remember her brother and the memories they made together, she set up a Lasting Tribute and has raised over £600 for the charity in his honour with plenty more to come as she continues to sell the cards at local church fayres.

Only a month after Steven died, Lynda was diagnosed with leukaemia and the family endured two years of heartache.

“The important thing for my family and I is that there is progress made on all fronts, not just into one particular type of cancer – that’s why we support the charity.

“I know all too well the vital need for better and more effective treatments, now and in the future. My Lasting Tribute is a way for me and my family to contribute to funding pioneering science to help develop more positive outcomes for patients in the years to come, whilst remembering my dear brother Steven.”

If you have been inspired by the stories you have read, please click here for more information on how you can set up a Lasting Tribute in memory of a loved one. We can give you advice, information and materials to support you.

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