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My London Marathon: Marianne’s story

As a medical student, Marianne Shaw-Taylor knows the powerful difference cancer research can make in patient's lives. That's why she joined the Worldwide Cancer Research team running the London Marathon this Sunday 23rd April.

Following Lewis's London Marathon story, we spoke to Marianne about her reasons to run.

How did you feel when you found out you got a London Marathon place? 

When I first found out about my place, I was so delighted I couldn’t stop making high-pitched and no doubt incredibly annoying noises! At the time, I was staying with my relative who was in the midst of his battle with cancer. He was the person I was most excited to tell, but since this is my first marathon, his response summed it up: “You’re mad!” It wasn’t till I was running the next morning that the gravity of the place hit me, and the privilege to be part of this amazing charity, whose work will help so many other families.

What made you choose Worldwide Cancer Research as the charity to run for?

Most of us have been or will be affected by cancer in some way. The effect it has on the individual, as well as family and friends, is indescribable. Its indiscriminateness also puts us all at risk; young and old alike. However, with the work of Worldwide Cancer Research, we can be hopeful of better survival rates and of treatments with less brutal side-effects.

This worthy charity has recently funded projects whose breakthroughs have made a difference in Fanconi's Anaemia (a rare childhood condition which predisposes you to cancer) and in spinal cord tumours. New methods have been developed to target the tumours more selectively in treatment, and projects have come to better understand the genetic basis of cancer. The money raised here could provide the resources for the next advancement.

How is the fundraising going? 

The idea of fundraising is both daunting and exciting (a cop out answer, but hear me out…). The sum I hope to raise does seem like a lot of money. I have, however, a lot of ideas as to how to do it, and these I find exciting – I hope they are effective. As well as using social media and the connections from my school alumni and medical school alumni, I hope to use my passion for baking to sell cakes and assorted baked goods. I sewed some Christmas decorations to sell, as this includes spreading festive cheer as well as getting more donations!


You can support Marianne and follow her progress by visiting her JustGiving page here.

Feeling inspired? You can set yourself a challenge just like Marianne. Sign up for one of our many other running events by clicking here

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