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Helen and Mike Grover from Warwick decided to run the London Marathon and help raise money for cancer research when their close friends and couple Melanie and Paul both received a devastating cancer diagnosis in 2014.

So far they have raised just over £2,000 but they are on a mission to raise more with the help of friends, family and their special helper Paddy the four year old Labradoodle.

“When our friends Paul and Melanie told us they had both been diagnosed with cancer last year we were all so shocked. They are a great couple, both in their early fifties and seemed so fit and healthy. No one was expecting such devastating news – and for it to hit both of them in the same year seemed unbelievable,” explained Helen.

“Seeing your friends and loved ones go through a cancer diagnosis leaves you feeling so helpless. So Mike and I really wanted to try and do something.”

Paul was diagnosed with a rare and slow-growing form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinaemia) in January and Melanie with pancreatic cancer in May.

While Paul’s chemotherapy-based treatment has yet to start, Melanie has already undergone  over six months  of aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“Melanie and Paul’s story illustrates how cancer can strike anyone at any time and why it is so important to raise funds for research into the disease and the development of new treatments, ” said Helen.

As for Paddy the dog, he has also had his own challenges recently when a nasty sporting injury (catching the ball in the park) left him paralysed. However, he’s well on the mend and out and about helping two amazing friends raise money to ensure that better, and gentler treatments for cancer can be developed for future generations to come.

If you would like to support Helen, Mike, Melanie and Paul – and of course Paddy – you can make a donation at

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