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What are you doing this weekend? These four are busy raising money for research…

For most of us, the weekend is the perfect time to relax and unwind from a hard week. For these Worldwide Cancer Research supporters, sitting still and relaxing is simply not an option! We spoke to four busy supporters who are filling their weekend by raising money for cancer research.

1. Alex’s Olympic Distance Triathalton

Alex is getting into the spirit of the Olympics by setting himself the challenge of completing an Olympic distance triathlon. He said:“It is a brilliant opportunity to raise money for charity and raise awareness of incredible work carried out by Worldwide Cancer Research.” Find out more on his fundraising page 

2. Bryan’s Mystery Cycle

We don’t quite know exactly where his bike ride is taking him- but he deserves a pat on the back anyway!

3. Maggie’s Mega Paraglide

After winning the prize of a paragliding jump in her local Spanish fiesta, Great Grandmother Maggie Howard decided she wanted to use the jump to raise money for charity.

“I am a cancer survivor myself having been cancer free for 6 years now. Last year I lost 2 brothers and 2 good friends to cancer. Without the research carried out by charities like Worldwide Cancer Research, I wouldn’t be here to do the jump and hopefully we can raise more money to help eradicate cancer for good.”

So far Maggie has raised nearly €1,000 for our vital research. Support her here.

4. Shaun’s Rickshaw Run

Fans of our blog will remember Shaun and his friends from our post on unusual fundraising ideas. This weekend they are off on their adventure- support them here, and follow their mad adventures here on their blog

To top it all off 11 supporters are taking part the 100 mile race from London to Surrey, the RideLondon 100.  Nick and Ally even cycled all the way from Scotland to get to the starting line of the race!

Fear not- if you’re not the sporty type (and I count myself firmly within that group) there are loads of ways to raise money for our work which don’t require crazy amounts of sporting energy. Read about them here.

Phew! I think I need the whole weekend to recover from all this excitement.

Communications Manager at Worldwide Cancer Research

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