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What’s your #WillPower worth?

You can get a FREE information pack here which contains everything you need to know about writing or updating your Will. 

These past few weeks we've been running a campaign about the importance of gifts in Wills to cancer research, called #Willpower. The aim was simple: we wanted to start a conversation about why, no matter your age, what you choose to leave behind in your Will has the power to make a difference in people's lives.

Some people think of will power as having the strength to not to do something (resisting that last piece of cake for example) but we think of it as the power to do something about cancer today, for the future. Namely, including a gift in your Will to cancer research.

If you feel passionate like us that no life should be cut short by cancer, it couldn't be easier to leave a gift in your Will to us. You can guarantee that it would go directly towards funding the best and brightest research which is trying to find better and kinder ways to treat cancer. Imagine if a gift, made in your name and memory, went on to find the next treatment? That's pretty powerful.

Imagine if a gift, made in your name and memory, went on to find the next treatment? That's pretty powerful.

A gift in a Will is not simply a donation, it’s a highly personalised and unique way of giving. And while the difference legacy gifts can make is a great source of inspiration for many, it’s an absolutely essential source of funding for our charity. We were given over £2 million in gifts left through Wills last year, which is enough to help us fund as many as eight cutting-edge research projects.

When we've been thinking about #Willpower, we think of the incredible generosity of supporters like Mrs Cole who donated £44,000 through her Will. Or Mr Dutton, who had been a regular donor to the charity for five years and when he reviewed his Will and left £5,000 to the charity. You also might remember Annette from a previous blog, who left us enough money to fund two whole projects.

Our scientists can only carry out their research because incredible people like Mrs Cole and Mr Dutton (and of course, Annette) are remembering Worldwide Cancer Research in their Wills.

Click here to get a FREE information pack about leaving a legacy to our charity.

Watch our campaign video here.

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