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When dad went, so did the laughter.

Ahead of Father's Day, this weekend, Geraldine Long, Worldwide Cancer Research's Donor Development Manager, remembers what made her dad extraordinary...

Our Dad was ‘Jack’ to everyone, including my sister and me. That was just the way it was. Jack was Jack. Some thought it was some sort of peculiarity of him being Irish, but no, there was nothing peculiar about Jack.

He could read aloud the instruction manual for putting together an Ikea coffee table-and have his audience howling with laughter. He could attend a funeral and innocently relate a tale about the deceased that would have grown men crying tears of laughter. At social gatherings, adults would gather around him, glad of his company and the respite his stories gave them. Friends who came to play or have lunch, would plead “tell us a story, Jack”, which would lead to another and then another. His soft Dublin accent enchanted them, his recollections of his childhood had them bent double with laughter, and his own unique take on the trials of life would have everyone rolling about the floor.

Jack didn’t intend being funny. He just was. Extraordinary. Right up to the end.

Entering the hospice wing of the care home, we would be met with the laughter of the nurses and carers who looked after him. During the few weeks he was there, waiting for the cancer to take him away from us, Jack would entertain us with his observations on his fellow patients. And when the end came, we cried tears of sorrow knowing it would be a long time before we would ever laugh again. Geraldine Long

Dads aren’t the only ones who do extraordinary things. All around the world the scientists we fund go to extraordinary lengths to find the answers to cancer. But their research can only continue if you do something extraordinary to support it. So please share your stories of extraordinary dads to help Worldwide Cancer Research. Include #extraordinarydads and a link to in your post.



Director of Marketing and Communications at Worldwide Cancer Research

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