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World Cup of Research: Denmark vs Australia

What a brilliant first week of the 2018 World Cup! Ronaldo nets a hat-trick, Messi misses a penalty and England actually managed to win their opening game of the tournament!

Denmark got off to a good start last week, beating Peru 1-0 thanks to a slick pass from the Danish talisman Christian Erkisen and a cool near post finish from Yussuf Poulsen. Peru will be severely disappointed after being given a penalty in the match, only for it to be blazed over the bar by Christian Cueva.

Australia has featured in our World Cup of Research already but with more than one top-class project going-on “down under”, we thought they deserved a second mention. In the football, they were also able to show their class last week but narrowly lost out to a very strong France team who have yet to show their full potential.



Dr Perez-Moreno, based at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, is interested is how skin cancer develops. Specifically, her are trying to work out how a person’s immune system might play a role in giving certain cells the kick they need to become cancer cells. They hope that by understanding how tumours start and are sustained in the body they might be able to develop new and improved therapies.



Professor Hodgkin at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia, is trying to work out the molecular ‘clockwork’ behind biological timers that control how the immune system responds once it is activated. His team are particularly interested in looking at genes that keep these timers ticking that are also involved in lymphoma. They hope that their approach will reveal more about how the normal immune response works so that they can identify what is going wrong when lymphoma develops.

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