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World Cup of Research: France vs Argentina

The buzz at the 2018 World Cup has cranked up a notch as today sees the start of the nail-biting knock-out stages. Who will emerge victorious? Will we witness a nerve-racking penalty shoot-out? It’s all to play for and to kick us off are two football powerhouses, France and Argentina.

France finished top of their group but they have yet to show us the full potential of the individual talent in the squad. Their group games petered out with a rather boring 0-0 against Denmark. Not one that will live long in the memory.

Argentina finished second in their group. Just. They drew with Iceland and were hammered by Croatia but thanks to a bit of Messi magic were able to scrape a win against Nigeria in their final game to secure a place in the last 16. Shows that even with one of the world’s best players, you still need a team that works together.

In our World Cup of Research, we have more world-class teams of scientists to showcase so without further ado…



Dr Chavrier and his team at Institute Curie, Paris, France, are trying to work out how breast cancer cells are able to spread away from the breast tissue and travel to other parts of the body. “We believe that this work will help inform development of future breast cancer treatments, and will ultimately help breast cancer patients” says Dr Chavrier.



Dr Laderach is leading a team at IQUIBICEN-CONICET in Argentina to pursue an entirely new way to fight cancer using the patient’s own immune system. Their potentially game-changing idea involves stimulating the immune system to target a specific molecule found in abundance on the outside of cancer cells, whilst simultaneously kick-starting cells of the immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells.

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