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Investigating bladder cancer to improve early detection and treatment

Dr Apostolos Klinakis in Greece is working to identify novel ways of targeting treatments to invasive bladder cancer.

In 2013 over 10,000 cases of bladder cancer were diagnosed in the UK alone. Many cases of bladder cancer can be successfully treated, but for patients with invasive metastatic bladder cancer current treatment options are very limited.

Dr Klinakis wants to change this. During this project he will investigate the role of a number of cell proteins which have been linked to more invasive bladder cancer. His team will use a range of techniques including studying patient samples in the lab and large-scale DNA and genome analysis experiments.

“Understanding the biology of bladder cancer will help us to identify new disease markers and drug targets,” says Dr Klinakis, “which in turn will help us to improve tumour detection and develop new, better, treatments.”

“I hope our studies will bring us a step closer to treating invasive bladder cancer more effectively and efficiently.”