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Researchers going the extra mile (in kilts!)

Dr Christine Dufès and her lab member Dr Sukrut Somani went the extra mile when they took off their lab coats and donned their kilts to take part in this year’s Glasgow Kiltwalk to raise vital funds for Worldwide Cancer Research.

Based at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, the international team of scientists decided they weren’t content with dedicating their lives to developing nanomedicines to treat prostate cancer and they set themselves a challenge to raise money for more cancer research as well.

“We had a few ideas and decided what better way than embracing the local culture by wearing a kilt and braving the Scottish weather to walk 23.3 miles from Glasgow to Loch Lomond.” Explained Dr Dufès

After completing the gruelling walk she told us “It was a very nice experience to take part in Kiltwalk, among walkers of all ages, raising funds for various causes. We were lucky with the weather and the "sea of tartan" from more than 7,000 walkers was a very impressive sight!


We were motivated to raise funds for Worldwide Cancer Research, to help scientists like us progress in their cancer research. It was truly inspiring to be a part of such an important cause and we would strongly encourage fellow scientists to engage in great fundraising initiatives from Worldwide Cancer Research!”

Dr Somani and Dufès’ fundraising could not have come at a better time. In the last few months we’ve received an unprecedented number of cancer research applications in our latest call for funding. These pioneering ideas from scientists around the world are all aiming to outsmart the many different forms of cancer. But no matter how great their potential, we cannot support them all and urgently need more funds.

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