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Information for executors

If you’ve been appointed the executor for someone who’s left us a gift in their Will, our legacy team is here to help guide you. Here is how to help make sure a gift left in a Will reaches us.

Contacting Us

When informing the charity of a legacy gift, please include the following information:
  • The full name and title of the deceased
  • Their last address - this will also allow us to prevent any future mailings as we know this can be distressing at a difficult time
  • The date of death
  • When you anticipate probate or confirmation will be granted

Gifts of a share of what is left – residuary legacies

Before we can give a final receipt and discharge the executors from their responsibilities the following information is required:
  • Copy of the Will and any codicils
  • Schedule or Inventory of Assets and Liabilities of the estate
  • Independent valuation of any significant assets such as property, chattels and investments (and Estate Agent’s Particulars in relation to property).
  • Estate Accounts (preferably prior to distribution)
  • Tax Deduction Certificates (Form R185 Estate Income)

Our Charity Details

Worldwide Cancer Research 1st Floor, Canning Exchange, 10 Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EG Registered in Scotland, No 152991, Charity No SC022918 Please make cheques payable to ‘Worldwide Cancer Research’ and mark for the attention of the legacy team and send to the above address. Contact us directly if you would prefer to pay via another method. Thank you so much for undertaking the role of Executor. Our Trustees greatly appreciate your help and co-operation.

All registered charities, including Worldwide Cancer Research, are exempt from inheritance tax, capital gains tax and some aspects of income tax. These valuable exemptions apply to legacies and estate administration, and can substantially increase the value of our gift, at no cost to any other beneficiary. These exemptions do have limitations and can be complicated to calculate. You may need to seek specialist advice. You may also find HMRC's website and helpline (0845 302 0900) useful.
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