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Payroll Giving is a simple way for employees to give to Worldwide Cancer Research straight from their salary or pension. The Government gives the charity the tax that they would have otherwise kept. This means you can give more with no extra cost to you, which allows us to fund more cancer-fighting science.

If you’re an employee keen to give through your salary, we’re keen to support you. Or, if you’re an employer looking to set up a scheme, boost the visibility of your existing Payroll Giving Programme or going for the Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark, we’d love to work with you.


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If you'd like to sign up to Payroll Giving, you can start today.

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Together, employers and staff can make a real impact on cancer research by working with us. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more, via


A Payroll Giving scheme is both easy and inexpensive to set up for employers. It’s a great way to demonstrate commitment to the causes your employees care about, whilst enhancing the charitable activity of your business and staff fundraising. Employers can also gain recognition for the success of their scheme via the Government’s Payroll Giving Quality Mark awards. All modern payroll systems can be set up to handle Payroll Giving and there are no extra tax forms to fill in. If you’re thinking about setting up a payroll giving scheme, contact or call 0300 777 7910 to talk to us, and we’ll support you through the process.

For more information about how Payroll Giving can feature as part of a wider Corporate Partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research please contact us on the email or phone number above. 


In a nutshell it’s a simple, easy, tax efficient way to make a regular donation to charity. It allows you to make donations to charity directly from your pay or pension. The donations are made after your National Insurance contributions are calculated but before Income Tax is worked out and deducted. So you only pay tax on what’s left, which means you get tax relief on your donation immediately – and at your highest rate of tax, which means Worldwide Cancer Research gets more from every donation. The real appeal of Payroll Giving lies in being able to do more than ‘your bit’ without increasing your contributions, which is good for us and very good for our scientists.