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Conflict of Interest Policy

Worldwide Cancer Research aims to make the most effective use of its resources through supporting the best cancer research in the world.

Deciding what research to fund is difficult. With limited funds and high demand, it is important to get it right. We must make sure we are funding the most worthwhile projects.

Our Scientific Advisory Committee makes these difficult decisions, based on scientific quality, innovation and the belief that the researchers can deliver on their ambitious proposals. Our peer review processes help our Committee do this.

Peer review is the assessment of someone’s research by fellow experts (or ‘peers’). Our peer reviewers are not only asked to comment on the quality of the proposed research, whether it is original and feasible but also whether the research is relevant to our aims, have the applicants got the right experience, and whether the budget is appropriate.

Our peer review processes mean that every project we fund has gone through rigorous assessment by a number of experts. It’s, therefore, important to ensure that these assessments are fair and not affected by undue bias. Worldwide Cancer Research has a conflict of Interest policy that safeguards us from using peer reviewers who have connections with the applicant (e.g. have previously worked with them, or are a close friend) and that any Committee members, who do have a connection, are not involved in the funding decision.

Read our Conflict of Interest Policy for Peer Reviewers in full for more details.