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What to consider before applying

Information to help your application

Before starting a grant application to Worldwide Cancer Research first consider all the information on this page. If you decide to apply please also read our application handbook which details our funding policies and provides instructions about how to complete your application.

What do we fund?

Our goal is to support research that seeks to answer the difficult questions in cancer biology.  We are looking for innovative and truly novel ideas that have the potential to revolutionise our understanding of cancer and how to beat it.

We award grants to support fundamental or translational research into the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of cancer.  We do not prioritise any field of research within this; we welcome research that draws on epidemiological, behavioural and clinical data to provide a starting point for a new avenue of research.  Multidisciplinary or discipline-hopping projects are encouraged where this helps stimulate innovation.

Please see our Research Strategy for more details.

What do we not fund?

We do not support clinical research, including clinical trials, patient care, nursing or healthcare delivery research. We also do not support other types of applied cancer research such as policy, public health or psychosocial research.

Proposals that contain a small clinical element as an essential part of a basic or translational research project are often permitted, but you are advised to contact us at for advice before submitting your proposal. More information can also be found in our application handbook.

Who and where do we fund?

We award project grants from 12 to 36 months in length to principal investigators based at any not-for-profit research institute in the world.

The principal investigator must be a suitably qualified researcher (minimum of PhD followed by three years research experience, or equivalent qualification or research experience).

Check that your institution will accept our grant terms and conditions in the application handbook before submitting an application. These are not variable or negotiable unless they conflict with the law in your country.

Your application

If a grant is awarded, it will normally start 9-12 months after the application was submitted.

The maximum budget allowed is £250,000, but it should be noted that most of the three-year grants we award have a budget below £200,000.

The research described in the application should be a discrete, hypothesis-driven project, achievable within the duration of the support requested. Do not describe a large programme of work - for example the work of your entire laboratory - and then request a contribution towards it - for example funding one member of the laboratory or part of the consumable costs.