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Benefits of working with Ximbio?
  • Life science reagents companies can come to a single place to source a broad range of academically created research tools.
  • Universities can also exploit their 25 years of experience from CRT and existing supplier relationships.
  • The benefits for scientists as end users are that each product on the Ximbio website has its own page with technical information, links through to suppliers who sell the product and scientific references that cite the use of the product. By linking to the inventor and university who created the tool Ximbio provides users with an additional level of “validation” to their chosen product.

How does Ximbio work?

There are two models of working with Ximbio

  • Free of Charge where the depositing institute maintains control of the materials; physical storage, maintenance and supply and doing the deals. Ximbio acts basically as a free marketing channel for them. All enquiries are directed to them, Ximbio is not involved.
  • Revenue Sharing. Ximbio act as an extension of the technology transfer office. They take physical control of the materials, maintain, storage and produce, and complete any deals with reagents companies. Sharing 60% of gross revenues with depositing institutes on a regular basis. There are no upfront fees and they do not deduct manufacturing related costs prior to revenue sharing, when we make money, so does the depositing institution.