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Domestic & General's Tough Mudder

Bringing teamwork to life through Tough Mudder

Tom Bovingdon and his colleagues from Domestic and General faced plunging in icy waters and electrocution for their team Tough Mudder challenge. He told us about how the day went, and why they’re already gearing up for their next challenge to raise money for research.

“If you told most human resource departments you’d like to take 40 colleagues, plunge them in an ice bucket, submerge them in mud and then – just for the icing on the cake -- electrocute them, you might expect to encounter some resistance.  Imagine my surprise when the Domestic & General HR department were not only keen, but said they’d join in.

Thanks to Worldwide Cancer Research, the Group Charity of the Year that our 3,500 colleagues had voted for, we were given dozens of places to compete in Tough Mudder, a 10.5 mile obstacle course that would push us to the limit. Our team was a mix of call-taking colleagues, product managers, underwriters, communicators, marketers, accountants and many more – and the event gave us the chance to collaborate and demonstrate outstanding teamwork.


Somehow, in a muddy farm in the south of England, our values came alive. We danced together after conquering the ‘muddy mile’, we pulled each other over walls, and we stayed together as one unit to ensure that we started and finished as one.

We drove ourselves and others to persevere through the low points. When confronted by a skip filled with ice, we took the plunge and then stayed at the end to help our team members escape.

When faced with 10,000 volts of ‘electroshock therapy’, we gritted our teeth and made sure we delivered on our promise – in this case to the charity and everyone who had kindly sponsored us.

And as if this wasn’t already a huge victory for our team, we had the added bonus of raising just over £15,000 for Worldwide Cancer Research.

We’ve already started looking ahead to our next challenge, and I’m confident that team Domestic & General can overcome any challenge when we live our values in this way. And once again, our thanks go to the amazing team at Worldwide Cancer Research for their amazing support along the way.”