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Partnering with us benefits your company

The pioneering lab work we fund is right at the start of the discovery journey. It sows the seeds that will one day reap great changes. It’s happening around the world right now and a corporate partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research means your organisation and your employees can play a major part in this worldwide search for the answers to cancer.

We are the only UK charity offering a global perspective on cancer research and we can work in partnership with you and your teams both here in the UK and overseas, through the projects we fund around the world to help deliver real benefit to both scientific research and your business.

Put your company on the map

We welcome support from businesses of all types and sizes, who share our values and commitment to novel and exciting cancer research.

As well as the feel-good factor of giving to such an important cause, we offer opportunities to improve your staff engagement, to meet your corporate social responsibility targets and to create cost-effective positive PR, by being identified with a charity that is known for being bold, courageous and ground-breaking.

Worldwide Cancer Research works with a wide range of corporate partners of all sizes and across a range of different sectors. If your company has never worked with a charity before, we'll make the process easy, and work closely with you to create a bespoke partnership that benefits your business.

Partnering with us can help you:
  • Build staff engagement and increase customer loyalty
  • Increase brand awareness alongside an internationally recognised and innovative charity
  • Demonstrate the impact of your partnership with unique content and PR opportunities

Our team would love to hear from you. Please contact Matthew Ingledow on +44 (0)300 777 7910

Help get the answers
All over the world there are scientists waiting for funding which will transport their research to the next level. But without funding they can remain stuck, unable to progress, unable to reach the answers only research can unlock. But we believe in them, and you should too.