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You're raring to go, but where to start? We've got loads of ideas and tips to help kick start your fundraising. The team at Worldwide Cancer Research can provide you with all the support you need to make sure your event is a success. Here's a step-by-step guide of how to turn your brilliant idea into a fantastic event.
STEP ONE: What's your big idea?

Over the years our fundraisers have run the London Marathon, trekked across deserts, driven black cabs to Istanbul and cycled the East Coast of Australia. And one or two brave men have had their chests waxed.

Taking part in a local event with friends, neighbours or work colleagues, brings people together to have fun while raising valuable funds for cancer research. So why not have a look at some of the brilliant, inspiring and unbelievable things our fundraisers have been doing? You might just get a taste for it. And if you do we can provide great tips and ideas to get your event up and running.

Some starters for £10

  • Non Uniform Day - Give a donation to attend school / college in your own clothes.
  • Job Swaps - We all feel at times we can do better than the boss. Auction the MD's /  Head of Department's / Cleaner's job for an afternoon.
  • Fancy Dress - Pay to come to work in fancy dress. (H&S permitting)
  • Guess the Baby competition - photos of the staff / colleagues as babies.
  • Fashion Show
  • Concert / Play / Musical Evening
  • Trivia Quiz - Pop / Sport / General Knowledge / etc.
  • Fete
  • Car Boot Sale
  • It's a Knock Out
  • Sponsored Silence
  • Sponsored Haircut
  • Five / seven a side football / rugby / hockey / etc.
  • Sponsored Walk

The list is endless and we have not yet mentioned the "Thon" family, MaraTHON, WalkaTHON, SlimaTHON.

Download our handy booklet for loads of ideas on how to kick start your fundraising.


STEP TWO: Set your fundraising target

Decide how much you are hoping to raise. Download this handy yearlong planner to give you ideas for events and keep track of your fundraising target.


You can set up a fundraising page on Justgiving or on Virgin Money Giving so that friends and family can donate safely and securely online. Remember to personalise your page with pictures or videos, and update everyone on how things are going. Can you raise £100, or even £1000? Every penny counts in the fight against cancer.

Download and our handy sponsorship form to keep track of donations and make sure you can collect Gift Aid.


STEP THREE: Request some fundraising materials

Banners, flags, balloons, flyers- think about some of those materials which will come in handy making your event stand out. You can request a free fundraising pack here, or order additional materials by filling out this simple fundraising materials request form below or by emailing Please allow 10-14 working days for materials to arrive so make sure you plan ahead. 

Fundraising Materials

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STEP FOUR: Get the word out there

Your event will be more successful the more people that know about it. If you think you have an event that's worth talking about, contact Communications Manager Lucy Keen to see if your fundraising story could be featured on our blog.

You should contact your local paper to see if they will list your event, or even write a story about it. Always provide the journalist with the 5 'W's - Who, What Where Why and When. Remember to tell them what makes your event newsworthy. If you are inspired to raise funds because you or a loved one has been affected by cancer, let the journalist know.

Social Media can also be a great way to share your event to spread the word among friends. Create an event on Facebook and encourage people to click 'interested' or 'attending.' Share updates or pictures on the event group. We might feature your fundraising event!

Download, add your own text and print our handy poster template. Put the poster up in your window, at work or on some local notice boards.

Download A4 Poster