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  • Each charity place at an event represents an important source of fundraising for Worldwide Cancer Research. In order to be able to offer charity places we have made an investment, and therefore ask you to pledge to raise the minimum sponsorship amount if you take part in this event. This will help us continue our vital research, to ensure that one day no life will be cut short by cancer. We will of course provide help and advice with your fundraising if required.
  • Worldwide Cancer Research does not accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred during the participation of this event.
  • Any participant who has any concern about his or her physical condition is advised to consult their doctor before taking part in the event.
  • Any forms of media captured by individuals during involvement with Worldwide Cancer Research may be used by the charity for whatever purposes they wish without payment of ownership royalties. Individuals also agree for Worldwide Cancer Research to use images, video and audio of participants for promotional, marketing and other charitable purposes. Any individual not wishing to appear in any publicity/marketing materials must contact the charity in writing to express such desires.
  • I will advise Worldwide Cancer Research at my earliest convenience if I am unable to take part in the event, due to injury, unforeseen circumstances or for any other reason. I understand that by doing so, I will not be entitled to a refund of my registration fee.