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Trusts and foundations

Donations from charitable trusts and foundations play a vital role in funding the best research proposals

Each project we fund is carefully selected by our panel of 24 eminent scientists to ensure each project has the maximum impact in the fight against cancer. Recent charitable gifts from trusts have allowed us to fund more ground-breaking research projects than ever before. We are confident that the results from these projects will lead to improved diagnostic tools and treatments, and can further our understanding of cancer.

If you are a Charitable Trust or Foundation, and you'd like to fund a project with promise, we will work closely with you to identify a research project which suits the values and vision of your organisation. Your organisation could be part of a 3 year journey tracking the progress of a group of scientists as they tackle the big cancer questions. Please contact us by email at or by phone on +44 (0)300 777 7910.

we will work closely with you to identify a research project which suits the values and vision of your organisation.

We continue to value the generosity of all charitable trusts and organisations that support our pioneering research. Our special thanks go to the following who have made an immense contribution in the last year.

  • Aberbrothock Skea Charitable Trust
  • Basil Samuel Charitable Trust
  • Campbell Fraser Charitable Trust
  • Cecil & Hilda Lewis Charitable Trust
  • Chiltern International
  • E F and M G Hall Charitable Trust
  • Fanny and Moray Glasser Charitable Trust
  • James T Howat Charitable Trust
  • John K Young Endowment Fund
  • Louis and Marion Ferrar Charitable Trust
  • Marjorie and Viggars Charitable Trust
  • Michael and Anna Wix Charitable Trust
  • Miss E C Hendry's Charitable Trust
  • Miss Isabel Harvey Charitable Trust
  • Mrs Iris Noreen Setchell Charitable Trust
  • Mrs M A Lascelles Charitable Trust
  • Multithon Trust
  • R J Wyber Charitable Trust
  • Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust
  • Tayfield Foundation
  • The Ardwick Trust
  • The Cumber Family Charitable Trust
  • The Crerar Hotels Trust
  • The David Cutforth Charitable Trust
  • The Huggard Charitable Trust
  • The John Paramour Trust
  • The Kells Trust
  • The Lynn Foundation
  • The MacKenzie Trust
  • The Oakdale Trust
  • The Olga Charitable Trust
  • The P F Charitable Trust
  • The Rest Harrow Trust
  • The Richard Pollock Charitable Trust
  • The Robert and Margaret Moss Charitable Trust
  • The Souter Charitable Trust
  • The Sym Charitable Trust
  • The Thomas C Maconochie Trust
  • The Tony Klug and Joanne Edelman Charitable Trust
  • Ward Family Charitable Trust