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Useful information for existing grantholders

If you already hold a grant from Worldwide Cancer Research you can use the links above to find out how and when to:

  • Complete claim forms for reimbursement of costs relating to your grant.
  • Submit scientific progress reports or lay fundraising reports.
  • Download grant continuation forms.

Information can also be found regarding our policy on open access publishing.

Information about our Privacy Policy for Research Funding can be found here.

If the information you need is not here, please contact the Research Funding team via email, or phone us on +44 (0)300 777 7910.

When you must contact us

You must tell us about any of the changes below:

Major changes to your grant

For any major changes to your grant you must contact the Research Funding team in advance of such changes taking place. Reasons may include:

  • Changes to staff working on the project.
  • Requests for suspensions or extensions to your grant.
  • If you are planning to move institutions (please note, we require at least 6 weeks’ notice).
  • If there are significant changes to the aims or methodology of the project set out in the application.

Please note, minor grant changes (such as your email address, CV or your publication record) can be made directly by accessing your grant through our online grants portal.

To notify us of a publication

Please notify us of any impending publications, which acknowledge Worldwide Cancer Research. Please also send us a pdf copy of any papers relating to your grant to within 7 days of them being accepted for publication.

How to contact us about your grant

If you are an existing grantholder you can contact the Research Funding team via email, or phone us on +44 (0)300 777 7910.