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Completing a Claim Form

Claim forms for grant expenditure reimbursement can be downloaded from here.

Claim forms should be submitted by post on a quarterly basis, covering a period of 3 months. Each form requires the original signatures of the grantholder and an authorising officer (electronic or photocopied signatures will not be accepted).

Please note: claim forms will not be paid if any scientific progress reports are outstanding.

It is important that all invoices to Worldwide Cancer Research are accompanied by a completed claim form. Any invoices submitted without a claim form will not be accepted.

Original claim forms and any supporting documents should be posted to the following address:

Research Funding team
Worldwide Cancer Research
1st floor, Canning Exchange, 10 Canning Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EG

How to fill in the form - some important points

Below are some useful tips to help you complete the claim form correctly.

Important details

  • Full bank details must be provided in the appropriate place on the form with every claim.
  • The Invoice/Reference Number refers to the reference you would like to appear on your bank statement.
  • For each staff member claiming a salary the full name must be given.
  • Total amounts claimed must be provided in GBP.

For more information, you can download our guide to completing your claim form here.

Expenditure itemisation and invoices

You can download an excel template for submitting your expenditure breakdown from here.

An itemised list of expenditures for each budget heading must be provided with each form. These can be a print out or download from your project account or finance system, covering the period of the claim (preferably in GBP and in English). If you are unable to provide an itemised breakdown we will accept copies of any invoices and receipts.

For all claims concerning equipment, invoices or receipts for each purchase must be provided along with the itemisation of expenditure.

All documents supporting the claim must either be attached with the claim form or emailed to the Research Funding team when the claim is posted.

For more details, a copy of the most recent terms and conditions relating to your grant is available here.