Our statement on coronavirus

Hello friends,

We understand these are uncertain times for you and yours. We know how you feel – but what’s important right now is that we get through it together.

You’ve done so much to support the life-saving work of Worldwide Cancer Research, that’s why, in these troubling times, we’re doing all we can to support you too.

We’re looking after your generous donations and doing everything in our power to keep starting cancer cures and bold new research projects.

You’ll be glad to know we are looking after our wonderful team, too. We are listening to the experts and all our staff are set up to work at their homes. We have all been trained in working remotely and will keep doing the best we can to be here for you.

In this unsettling time, our cultural values remain as strong as ever:

We’re adaptable and resourceful: We are not daunted by an environment of change but creatively find solutions to problems to keep our country – and the world – going.
We’re courageous and entrepreneurial: We have the initiative and confidence to tackle issues promptly and honestly.
We’re curious and reflective: We aspire to continually innovate and improve – learning from actions and decisions from others around the world.
We’re genuine and self-aware: Our people come first. We conduct ourselves with integrity and deliver on our commitments.
We’re respectful and collaborative: We are staying optimistic and encouraging everyone to support each other.

The next few weeks will be daunting but know this, when you support us, you are instantly part of our worldwide family. It is a joint commitment, a shared spirit and a bold ambition and none of these will stop, even in these unusual circumstances.

If you would like to chat about anything at all, our team are waiting with a virtual cup of tea and a biscuit. Please call us on 0300 777 7910 or email us at [email protected]

If you are a cancer patient or family member looking for information on cancer and COVID-19, we encourage you to access One Cancer Voice which is a dedicated group of cancer service charities issuing advice. You can download a PDF copy of their guidance here.

Take great care and don’t become a stranger,

Your friends at Worldwide Cancer Research


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