Join us at the starting line this World Cancer Research Day

21st September 2021

This World Cancer Research Day will you join us at the starting line to help us raise awareness of the importance of brand new discovery research when it comes to starting the lifesaving cancer cures of the future?

The 24th September marks World Cancer Research Day, a global initiative that aims to bring us all together to achieve one common goal — to defeat cancer. Cancer is now projected to become the leading cause of death worldwide, with an increase to 21.6 million new cases per year predicted by 2030. We urgently need to take action to save lives in the future. 

At Worldwide Cancer Research, we know that by funding as many innovative new research projects around the world as possible, we will start new cures that will end cancer. But a recent study has shown a shocking decline in funding for discovery research of around 25% since 2006. 

We're the only UK charity that focuses solely on funding this vital part of the cancer research journey, that starts with new ideas in the lab and ends with lifesaving new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. That's what makes us different, and it's why your support is so important. 

Will you join us at the starting line to start new cures for cancer?

To end cancer and save lives we need to raise awareness of the urgent need for more pioneering new cancer research. That's why we're asking you to join Worldwide Cancer Research at the starting line this Friday. 

All you have to do this World Cancer Research Day is to take a photo of yourself in a starting line pose, share it on your social media and encourage your friends and family to do the same. And don't forget to tag us! 

Want to find out more about the impact of your support?

Our researchers in London have recently discovered a new way to deliver a treatment directly to tumour cells in a common childhood cancer called neuroblastoma.

This breakthrough could be the start of a new cancer cure that would save thousands of lives. And we couldn't have funded this pioneering new project without you. 

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