World Cancer Research Day 2022 | Funding new ideas for cancer cures worldwide

24th September 2022

Cancer is a global problem – whether it’s a grandparent down the road, a sibling who lives halfway around the world, or yourself, cancer is a familiar foe to all of us. That’s why it’s so important to work together, in a worldwide effort to reach a future without cancer.

At Worldwide Cancer Research, we fund new ideas for cancer cures worldwide.

We are the UK charity that will help end the suffering caused by cancer by funding the very best ideas for new cancer cures, wherever they are found.

To unlock the secrets of cancer, we fund brilliant cancer researchers in institutions around the world. From Australia to the USA, Singapore to Spain, we have supported discovery cancer research in more than 30 countries worldwide.

By supporting researchers around the world, we help make the impossible possible. In some countries, scientists with ideas for new cures may struggle to access funding:

Dr Vasiliki Koliaraki, Worldwide Cancer Research scientist
Worldwide Cancer Research funding will have a big impact on my lab, as funding in Greece is scarce … Without this funding, we would not be able to pursue our idea further.

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Our Curestarters are a vital part of the global effort to find new cancer cures, and we’re incredibly grateful for the worldwide network of fundraisers, supporters, and scientists that make up the Curestarter community.

Dr Seth Coffelt, Worldwide Cancer Research scientist, co-funded by Pancreatic Cancer UK
In cancer research, we’re all in this together: the scientists, the people afflicted by cancer, the family members, the friends, the donors. We are a team with a common goal.

This World Cancer Research Day, we are proud to be part of the global effort to stop so many lives being cut short due to cancer.

Cancer is predicted to become the leading cause of death worldwide by 2030, so it is more important than ever to support cancer research.

The World Declaration for Research on Cancer calls for the active involvement of citizens, entities, institutions and leaders of various areas to join efforts to promote research in order to reduce the number of people who develop cancer and to improve survival rates and quality of life among cancer patients.

We are proud to sign the World Declaration for Research on Cancer, and commit to working towards the following goals for 2025:

  • Increase social awareness and knowledge about the value and impact of cancer research efforts by establishing September 24th as the World Cancer Research Day.
  • Enhance sustainable funding sources for cancer research in each country by involving individuals, companies and institutions.
  • Promote international collaboration to enable global advances in cancer research.
  • Provide training in cancer research.
  • Encourage the development of infrastructures for cancer research in each country.

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