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2014 round-up

Another year over, and here’s what we’ve done for cancer research in 2014.

Thanks to our supporters, we’ve put over £9 million directly into vital early-stage and translational cancer research. That’s £9 million working to beat cancer.

47 new research projects

We’ve given the green-light to 47 new cancer research projects. From developing a potentially cancer-busting vaccine, to coming up with new ways to improve immunotherapy, and using drug development to rescue faulty cancer genes, our researchers are at the forefront of cutting-edge cancer research.

In 14 different countries

Our latest projects are all at top institutes across 14 different countries worldwide. From our first ever grant in the Czech Republic to three more projects in the US and three more in Australia, we’ve got the best research across the continents covered.

At least 10 types of cancer

New projects targeting at least 10 different types of cancer-from the very rare to the very common- have all been given the green light. And at least 20 projects are studying core cancer mechanisms or exploring brand new avenues for treatment which have the potential to help many or all types of cancer.

All in all, that’s a whole lot of extra research momentum, all helping to drive progress against cancer. And it’s only down to our supporters like you. Thank you.

Have a great new year, and next year, let’s do even better!