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Potential new way to destroy cancer cells discovered

Worldwide Cancer Research funded scientist Professor Andrew Fry has discovered a new cancer mechanism involved in how our cells survive, which he believes could help find new ways to destroy cancer cells.

Professor Fry and his international colleagues published two related papers in the same issue of the Journal of Cell Biology showing that their new understanding of how a cell divides has revealed new potential targets for cancer treatments. He said “Together, these two papers provide exciting new insights on how cells ensure that they faithfully pass on the right amount of genetic material to their offspring when they divide. They also highlight potential new targets for the development of novel cancer treatments.”

Dr Helen Rippon, Head of Research at Worldwide Cancer Research, said: “There is still so much we don’t understand about how our cells grow and divide and what goes wrong to cause cancer. These findings are a great step forward, and early-stage research like this is vital if we are going to continue making the huge advances in cancer treatments we’ve already seen over the last few decades.”

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