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A new way to prevent bowel cancer?

Scientists have found a potentially new way to help prevent bowel cancer before it starts.

The findings, published in Nature Communications earlier this year, suggest that blocking a molecule called BCL-2 in bowel cells before they become fully cancerous might derail these cells from their destructive path.

Worldwide Cancer Research funded scientist Dr Louis Vermeulen and his team in the Netherlands helped lead the research, together with Dr Douglas Winton at the University of Cambridge.

“With this new research we show for the first time that inhibiting BCL-2 prevents formation of bowel cancer in the lab.” Said Dr Vermeulen.

Now the researchers want to test their findings further. “The next stage is to validate our findings in human cells. We then want to see if we can develop a way of using BCL-2 inhibitors to help individuals who are at a higher risk of developing bowel cancer because of their genetic predisposition.”

“All in all we expect it will take at least another 5 to 10 years before we know if our strategy will really pay off; but this latest research is certainly an exciting start.”

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