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Bunsen burners and bottles of fluorescent liquids – A day in the lab of a cancer researcher: medicinal chemist

When you think of chemistry experiments it might make you reminisce fondly about your school days and conjure up images of bunsen burners blazing and brightly coloured liquids bubbling away in test tubes.  So what is it chemists do when their actual job is to play with chemicals all day?

Continuing our Day in the Lab series, we talked to Amit Nathubhai, a postdoc fellow in Worldwide Cancer Research grant holder Professor Mike Threadgill’s lab at the University of Bath, UK who told us about his typical day in the lab.

“I never stop thinking about developing new strategies towards combating cancer and the development of useful anticancer drugs.” He told us.  “Often, Postdoc fellows like myself have to invent logical ways and develop methods towards cancer treatment. We are always striving to write new proposals and apply for grants and opportunities to receive funding to facilitate projects. Most projects run for 2-3 years so it is important that we write proposals towards the next stage in order to have a chance at working within the field of research. Without funding from Worldwide Cancer Research, working towards new cures for cancer would not be possible.”

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