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Haseltine Lake announces partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research


In celebration of today’s World IP Day, major European intellectual property firm, Haseltine Lake, announces a programme of support for the charity, Worldwide Cancer Research.

Perfectly fitting the theme of this year’s World IP Day, “Innovation Improving Lives”, Haseltine Lake announces a charity support partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research.

Worldwide Cancer Research is the leading UK charity funding research into any type of cancer, anywhere in the world. Their scientists have achieved significant breakthroughs in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment in a wide range of cancer types. Over the last 35 years, they have helped pave the way for new cancer drugs and supported research into immunotherapy, transforming it into new treatments for patients.

Haseltine Lake’s Chief Executive, Lesley Evans, comments, “We are delighted to announce today – on World IP Day - our partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research. This is the first time that we have pointed all our charitable giving and events at one charitable organisation and our aim in developing a formal programme of support, is to make our charitable activities more focused and to create more opportunities for all of our colleagues to get involved.

“We chose Worldwide Cancer Research because their particular focus on support for scientific research and development resonates strongly with us and because their international profile is well aligned with the places in which we do business and in particular with our offices in Scotland, England, Germany and the Netherlands. This means that colleagues in all our locations can feel closely connected to the work of Worldwide Cancer Research. We are looking forward to hosting a variety of fundraising challenges and activities over the coming year, some of which will link into our recently launched employee wellness initiative, “HL Well!”

Chief Executive of Worldwide Cancer Research, Dr Helen Rippon, added, “We are thrilled to begin working together and look forward to everything it will bring to both organisations. It’s clear that the values of Haseltine Lake and Worldwide Cancer Research are fully aligned - innovation does improve lives, and only by supporting the best research ideas can we get closer to the answers to cancer.”

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