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Introducing Worldwide Cancer Research

Only the freedom to fund the very best research, no matter where in the world it occurs, will help us find and develop better, more effective cancer treatments.

That’s been the philosophy of AICR since day one. It’s a philosophy that has helped us fund some of the most diverse and unexpected projects in the world’s best research institutions, and contribute to some significant breakthroughs.

But like any organization we need to question long-standing traditions and ensure we stay relevant in today’s world.

So we asked ourselves if our name - AICR - was the right name to help us raise more funds through. If our name was the best name for capturing the essence of what we do and what makes us different.

After extensive research, together with consultation with our stakeholders and key scientists, we have updated our name to Worldwide Cancer Research.

Why our name matters

As names go, Worldwide Cancer Research is as clear-cut as it gets. And it needs to be. Because those three words are critical in ensuring that more funding can be raised to allow more vital research. Our updated name clearly communicates our belief in funding research, not just here in the UK, but all over the world. And this name will help us fundraise and appeal to a wider audience.

Has anything else changed?

But one thing hasn’t changed. Your continued support is as vital as it’s always been.

AICR would not have played the key role it has were it not for our many thousands of supporters. People like you. We ask that you continue this vital support, and help Worldwide Cancer Research to make an even bigger impact.

You remain vital to us

With your future support, and others like you joining with us, we are determined to make sure no life is cut short by cancer.

Yes, our name’s different, but the passion, energy and commitment to create a future where we no longer live in fear of cancer burn brighter than ever.

Thank you.