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Lorraine takes a selfie for Worldwide Cancer Research

Lorraine Kelly, one of our ambassadors, is helping us to spread the word about our research by supporting our new social media selfie campaign.

We’re asking everyone to take a selfie holding our new logo and a text to donate message and share it on their social media networks to raise awareness and vital donations to help our scientists do their important work all over the world.

So go on, be selfless and take a selfie and take part in our Facebook and Twitter campaigns. Click on the link below and print out our name and new logo as big as you can. Capture the moment on your smartphone and upload it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please tell everyone to support Worldwide Cancer Research by giving what they can.

If you are in the UK please download the image on the left, if you are anywhere else in the world please download the image on the right.

Flashcard Text2donate          Flashcard Web Donate