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Meet our Team Worldwide runners – it’s Steven Carmichael!

This time of year is usually when we start to think about our fitness. Determined to get back on track after we've indulged over the festive period. But one person who didn't overdo it at Christmas was Steven Carmichael from Cardross, Scotland who has lost over seven and a half stone since March last year and is now in training to run the London Marathon as part of Team Worldwide!

Steven was over 20 stone in March 2018 and decided enough was enough.

"Over the years, I have tried many times to get fit and lose weight but have never succeeded for any real length of time," he said.

"It was getting to the stage where I needed to do it if I wanted to stay alive. This time I have cracked it and have actually enjoyed the process."

After making the important decision to lose weight, Steven decided to try running as soon as he was able to do so.

"I was carrying such a huge amount of weight that I had to lose some before I could start running.

"I hadn't run a yard until May last year when I was finally 'slim' enough. I immediately found it therapeutic and got so much from it that I now run every day."

And the running paid off. Steven now weighs a very trim 13 stone ("12st 13lbs actually" - he proudly points out) and after realising how much he loves it, decided to do something great to help others.

"After losing 105 lbs my focus is now to run a marathon, finish my weight loss journey and raise as much money as I can for Worldwide Cancer Research. So many people I know have been touched by cancer and I want to do all I can to raise money to help find cures and improved treatments. I've worked with cancer research companies in my professional life, so I am aware of the scientists that sit under the radar and the important work they do. I love the fact that money I raise will go directly to these scientists. You never know when the next breakthrough might happen."

Steven, who runs his own company, has the support of his partner and his 14-year-old twin boys to help with his training.

"My partner and kids are delighted that I'm healthy because being so overweight was very detrimental to my health. As well as my running, I watch what I eat and try not to sabotage myself.

"I try to run every day and it's really kicked up a gear as the marathon gets closer. On a miserable day, there would be no chance that I'd go on a run if I wasn't taking part in the marathon, but I don't want to let myself or the charity down. I want to raise as much money as possible.

“The support I've had to date has been fantastic. People really rally round for a good cause and when they see the efforts I've gone to and why, they seem delighted to support the cause. The sense of pride I get from the journey is immeasurable and running the marathon and raising money for Worldwide Cancer Research will be the icing on the cake. Although I'll try to avoid eating the cake until after April!”

If you’ve been inspired by Steven’s story and would love to be part of Team Worldwide, check out our list of fantastic events suitable for everyone! And if you would like to donate in support of the incredible work Worldwide Cancer Research funds, please click here.