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Charity launches campaign to get “more time” for vital research

This week Worldwide Cancer Research have launched a new campaign called “More Time.” The charity is asking some of their most enthusiastic supporters to run their own mini campaigns getting family and friends to help fund more hours of cancer research.

The More Time campaign is not asking people for their donation, but for their time. Supporters taking part can write letters to their friends, family, and colleagues spreading the word about Worldwide Cancer Research’s work funding lifesaving cancer research. The goal is to fund more hours of research, giving researchers more time to find the next breakthrough, which could allow people affected by cancer more time with their families.

Gearing up for the campaign, Worldwide Cancer Research scientists were asked about their best hours in the lab and what that time helped achieve in the fight against cancer.

Professor Mike Threadgill and Dr Amit Nathubhai and at the University of Bath told us: “Our ‘eureka hour’ came when we proved that chemicals we designed in the lab actually slowed the growth of human bowel cancer cells. We are now developing them further in the hope they could one day be tested in patients.”

Professor Stephen Bown at University College London said: “My best hour came when I was researching lasers. I wondered what would happen if I put the laser deep into the organ, instead of on the surface. I found there was a clear area where the laser had worked, but the surrounding tissue was untouched. I immediately realised this had enormous potential for treating tumours deep inside the body. After further experiments, we got ethical approval to use this to treat a range of cancers.”

Worldwide Cancer Research relies on such dedicated supporters to make vital research like this happen. If “More Time” can raise money to fund more hours of research, who knows what could be discovered in that time?

If you’d like to be part of the More Time campaign, get in touch with our supporter services team by calling 01334 477 910 or sending an email to and we’ll send you a FREE fundraising pack. Alternatively, we’ve got a host of fundraising ideas if you’d like to help us today.