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Our talented researcher beats the rest

We’re proud to congratulate our Research Fellow Dr Philip Zegerman at the University of Cambridge, who has been selected as a prestigious EMBO Young Investigator 2014.

As just one of 27 researchers in Europe to receive the accolade, Dr Zegerman beat intense competition for selection. He will now join a network of Young Investigators who represent some of the best young science group leaders contributing to research in Europe and beyond. He will also receive extra funding and support to continue his pioneering research studying cell division in disease.

“Cancer is a disease of uncontrolled cell division.” Says Dr Zegerman. “I study the basic mechanisms that control this process, and how it goes wrong in the early stages of tumour development.”

“I am delighted that my research has been recognised by the European Molecular Biology Organisation and I have been selected as EMBO Young Investigator. My funding from Worldwide Cancer Research has been central to this success, as it has allowed me to develop my independent research at an innovative cutting edge."

“I am very grateful to the Worldwide Cancer Research team and all their supporters for making this research possible.”