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Skin cancer- the research still goes on even when the weather’s wintry

It may well be high summer and Skin Cancer Action Week in Australia- over here it’s very definitely November, and sliding headlong into winter. But skin cancer doesn’t disappear with the sun, and neither does the research to beat it.

Dr Xose Bustelo at the University of Salamanca in Spain is one of our newest grant holders. He’s spending the next three years focusing on how skin cancer biology changes as it progresses, and finding ways to target skin tumours at different stages.

“We are very happy that our work has been funded by Worldwide Cancer Research.” Says Dr Bustelo. “The funding will allow us to continue the characterization of new biological processes involved in skin cancer that, so far, are very poorly characterized. In addition, we hope to establish the therapeutic potential of targeting these processes in skin cancer and, possibly, other tumours as well.”

“We truly thank all the Worldwide Cancer Research supporters for making this possible.”