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Supporters tackle Amsterdam Marathon

On Sunday 18th October 2015 we have 46 runners bravely taking part in the Amsterdam Marathon, raising well over £50,000 for cancer-beating research.

This annual event is a big hit with students and this year is no exception with 41 students from York University alone.

Joining the students are Katie Wong and Gavin Garland from the University of Cambridge.

Gavin Garland has a personal vendetta against cancer as he was diagnosed with B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a child. After beating the disease he has gone on to gain a degree in Biology before embarking on fighting cancer in the lab as a researcher. You can sponsor Gavin here.

Also taking part is Emily Chapman plus Jack Wilson and his friend Christopher Salter, both of whom also completed the Paris Marathon for us earlier this year.  Christopher has run 8 previous marathons for Worldwide Cancer Research in total, raising well over £18,000 all in memory of his mum Karen.

In order to take part the runners must each must raise a whopping £1,200.  They used their brains and thought ‘outside the box’ to generate some truly unique fundraising events to help them meet their ambitious targets.

There were pub quizzes, including one with a twist….the obscure knowledge being tested ranged from Game of thrones to Disney and British History to the Spice Girls.

They held a squash tournament, secret garden party with music, food, beverages and stalls and a popular ‘Blind Date’ event.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was bag packing in supermarkets, club nights, a classical music concert and a DJ night of music ranging from garage and grime to old school disco and techno.

To top it all off, University of York students were graced with a fashion show.  We imagine most student’s loans are already gone with that amount of fun to be had!

Good luck to all the runners, you can do it!