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Turning the table on deadly ovarian cancer

The way women around the world are treated for ovarian cancer could be set to be overhauled after new research partly funded by Worldwide Cancer Research and published in leading scientific journal Nature reveals how a deadly form of ovarian cancer outsmarts chemotherapy.

The largest complete DNA analysis of ovarian cancer in the world, published overnight in leading scientific journal Nature has revealed unprecedented new insight into the genetic twists and turns a deadly form of the disease takes to outsmart chemotherapy, potentially changing treatment approaches for women worldwide.

Dr Helen Rippon, Head of Research at Worldwide Cancer Research, said ‘We are extremely proud of what has been achieved with the help of our funding.  It is a great example of how lab based research can potentially have a huge impact on patients worldwide.”

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Photograph shows co-first authors on the study Dr Dale Garsed (left), Dr Elizabeth Christie (centre) and Dr Dariush Etemadmoghadam (right) in the Molecular Genomics facility at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in East Melbourne, Australia