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#WarOnCancer connecting through personal stories

Actor and model Fabian Bolin, attracted a huge following when he began to share the story of his diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (AML) via social media.

The volume of letters Fabian received from people who had experienced cancer themselves was overwhelming. He quickly realised they had no common outlet to share their own stories and support others so teaming up with his best friend Sebastian Hermelin, the pair set up as a free global storytelling platform for anyone has a cancer diagnosis. It’s an amazing place for people from around the world to share their experience of all different types of cancer.

#WarOnCancer have teamed up with Worldwide Cancer Research to create a mutually beneficial partnership to help build awareness of both organisations to a worldwide audience.

“Worldwide Cancer Research, like us, understands that cancer has no boundaries and as such it is not predetermined where cures will be found, or how. We believe in the approach the charity has towards research funding – undertaking a rigorous selection process to identify those projects of the highest calibre without discrimination. We are pleased to collaborate in such a way that we grow our networks and increase our impact in partnership.” Sebastian Hermelin, Co-Founder

#WarOnCancer is also supporting Worldwide Cancer Research via jewellery sales at with 25% of proceeds being donated to Worldwide Cancer Research.