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How can we stop certain genes causing cancer?

  • Researcher: Professor Martin Eilers
  • Institution: University of Wurzberg
  • Award Amount: £249,824 for 4 years from June 2011
  • Cancer Type: General Cancer Research
How can we stop certain genes causing cancer?
Every cell in our body contains thousands of genes which carry all of the information the cell needs.  Some key genes control how the cells grow, divide and die.  It is when these important genes get altered that the cells become able to multiply rapidly in an uncontrolled manner and fail to die which can lead to cancer.   These cancer-causing genes are known as oncogenes.  One such oncogene is Myc and there is evidence that interfering with Myc, using a molecule called OmoMyc, could potentially be a way to treat cancers.  However, it is still not clear exactly how OmoMyc achieves its therapeutic effects and this is the focus of Professor Eilers’ Worldwide Cancer Research grant.
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