World-leading scientists at our Bold Ideas Gathering

The annual meeting where the world's brightest cancer researchers gather in Edinburgh to ensure we kick-start bold discovery research.

13th November 2019

Thursday 14th November is a momentous day for our charity – and our supporters – as the world’s leading cancer researchers gather in Edinburgh for our ‘Bold Ideas Gathering’.

‘B.I.G.: Bold Ideas Gathering’

With £4 million to spend at this meeting, the group will review the ideas put forward by scientists from all over the world and identify the most promising cancer research projects to fund.

An average research project costs around £200,000 which means our panel can select around 20 of the projects which will have the greatest impact on the lives of people with cancer.

This year’s applications are from researchers based in 24 different countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Malaysia and Scotland, and cover topics ranging from how cells repair DNA to new immunotherapy techniques.

Backing brand new ideas

We believe that bold research will cure cancer, and that the first step is the most important. That’s why we back the brightest minds all around the world in their quest to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer – and give families more time together.

Before a life-saving treatment is available at the hospital, there are ideas. Ideas – or discovery research – are the first step in the journey towards ending the suffering and death caused by cancer. Our ‘Bold Ideas Gathering’ is the precursor to this, unleashing bold, novel research projects which explore new concepts and theories about the devastating disease.

Kick-starting cancer cures

Dr Helen Rippon, Chief Executive of Worldwide Cancer Research, said: “Our ‘Bold Ideas Gathering’ is the most important date in the charity’s calendar. It’s incredibly exciting to think that a research project we decide to fund at this meeting could be the key discovery that unlocks a new drug or treatment for cancer.

“The cancer researchers who take part in the meeting all give up their time to review applications. They do this because they believe wholeheartedly in ensuring that our supporters’ money is used in the most impactful way possible. They truly are heroes in and out of the lab.”

Team Worldwide

Every penny spent on life-saving cancer research comes from our wonderful supporters, supporters – like you, as we don’t receive any government funding.

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