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Smiles for miles - staying positive whilst staying at home

6th May 2020

The pandemic might be keeping us apart right now, but at Worldwide Cancer Research, we're still doing our best to make each other smile. We're sharing photos of the little pockets of positivity that we've spotted in lockdown - our smiles for miles. From lambs and zebras (yes, zebras!) to blossoms and vistas, we've had a lot to smile about this week, and we hope you have too!

Smiles for miles collage 1


It looks like Team Worldwide have been surrounded by nature this week! Lynn, our Director of Research, has some lovely little lambs as neighbours and, equally as adorable, would you believe us if we told you that this zebra is keeping our Supporter Services Administrator, Angela, smiling on her daily walks? It's no joke!

Over in our Supporter Services team, Tamsin is staying positive by saying hello to her beaky pals every afternoon after work, while our Trusts and Foundations Manager Joanne is very lucky to have a rare yet quite regular visitor - a red squirrel - who she loves to leave some nuts in her garden for. How sweet!


Apparently Joanne is spoiled with picturesque scenery as well - check out the amazing view from her window! The peaceful woodlands shot was taken by Linda, our Supporter Services Manager, who enjoys a quiet walk in her neighbouring woods most days.

Similarly, our Digital Manager, Ricky, has discovered a new trail just a mile from his house. With vehicles on the bridge above being limited, he gets to instead listen to the water flowing and the birds chirping. Bliss! However, not much could top Karen’s breathtakingly beautiful sunset harbour in Leith, Edinburgh - what a shot!

Smiles for miles collage 2


Two of our Supporter Services Executives, Emma and Carley, love seeing blossom trees thriving in the springtime. Similarly, Laura, our CRM Executive, feels joyous after seeing these yellow blooms each day. Last but not least, our Information Governance and Compliance Manager, Fiona, is blown away each day by this household’s doorstep floral collection and colour explosion. Isn't it impressive?


It's not just flowers that make Fiona smile. Supportive words and community kindness keep her spirits high, too! What a lovely couple of messages to walk past every day. Speaking of sentences to make you smile - fellow Glaswegians and their infamous way with words are making Laura, our Director of Marketing and Fundraising, happy this week. In particular: "phone yer maw". It's true when they say that people make Glasgow

Rachel, one of our Brand Awareness Executives, loves to walk past this ‘tree of kindness’ on a neighbouring street a few times a week. With new homemade bracelets and postcards and notes of positivity constantly being replenished, it's hard not to smile when seeing it. And, last but not least, Emma, our Supporter Services Executive, loves spotting the kids next door hard at work leaving thank you messages in chalk for the local bin men and women each week.

Share your own smiles for miles

When you look out of your window or head out for your daily exercise - what do you see that puts a smile on your face? Maybe it's pictures of rainbows in windows, butterflies chasing each other, a pretty blossom tree or even just a clear blue sky. Whatever it is - we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a message at, or on Twitter @worldwidecancer, and share your smile. 

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