World Cancer Research Day

Will you help us start new #CuresForCancer this World Cancer Research Day?

23rd September 2020

This World Cancer Research Day we're asking you, our friends, to fill your social media feeds with the charity's love heart symbol to help us start new #CuresForCancer.

Our charity's love heart symbol

The future of cancer research needs your help

New research has come to light this World Cancer Research Day anticipating that cancer will overtake cardiovascular disease and become the leading cause of death across the world by 2030. Right now, 350,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year across the UK. By 2030, this is estimated to increase to 430,000 – that’s an additional 200 loved ones diagnosed with cancer every day.

To save the lives of the people we love we need to raise awareness of the need for more lifesaving cancer research. And by sharing your heart this World Cancer Research Day, you can help us start new cures for cancer.

How you can help us start new #CuresForCancer

All you have to do this World Cancer Research Day is recreate the charity’s love heart symbol – this can be anything from a love heart drawn on your palm to decorating a cupcake with a love heart pattern – post it on your social media and tag five of your friends to do the same.

Thank you for helping us start new #CuresForCancer this World Cancer Research Day. Whoever you're doing it for, together we can start bold new research and stop the suffering caused by cancer. 

Cancer research needs you more than ever. Please share your heart on social media or make a vital donation today to help start more lifesaving research.