How our research saves lives

Accelerating breakthroughs

Making research work more efficiently means new cures are discovered sooner. Our research has helped to develop new tools and techniques that scientists are now using to understand the intricate biology of cancer and speed up the development of new tests and treatments. Here we have selected some of the stories that show how your support in the past is helping researchers make life-saving breakthroughs.

Building mini-tumours in the lab

Research we funded in 1999 led to a technique being developed that scientists are now using to grow miniature tumours in the lab from a patient’s own cancer cells, opening the door to personalised medicine and a greater understanding of cancer at an individual level. Growing these so-called cancer "organoids" has allowed scientists to study in great detail the complex biology of tumours as well as demonstrating how organoids can be used to select the most appropriate treatment for someone with cancer.

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