Research projects

A new way to diagnose and prevent squamous cell carcinoma

Dr Markus Schober
Project period
Jan 2019 - June 2022
Research Institute
New York University
Cancer types
Skin cancer
Dr Markus Schober

Aim of the research

Dr Markus Schober aims to work out how cells rewire their internal programs into a state that helps them turn into cancer cells.

Meet the scientist

Markus is Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at New York University in the United States. His expertise in understanding how cancer cells function has led to key discoveries.

More about the research project

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a group of cancers that originate in cells forming the surface of the skin and lining the internal walls of our organs, respiratory tract and digestive tract. Collectively, these cancers represent the second largest number of cancers worldwide. Many of these cancers are treated successfully in the early stages of the disease, but if diagnosed late, SCC can be much more aggressive and difficult to treat.

Dr Markus Schober is uncovering the molecular secrets that allow healthy cells to make the switch to becoming SCC cells. Once revealed, this knowledge could lead to new ways to improve the early diagnosis and prevention of SCC.


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