Research projects

Disrupting a cellular communication network

Dr Thomas Vaccari
Project period
Apr 2018 - Sep 2021
Research Institute
Universita degli Studi di Milano
Cancer types
General cancer research
Dr Thomas Vaccari

Aim of the research

Dr Thomas Vaccari aims to identify weaknesses in a specific cellular communication network, called Notch signalling, which is implicated in a variety of cancers.

Meet the scientist

Thomas Vaccari is a professor at the University of Milan and enthusiastic runner. His lab studies how cells communicate with each other and how this communication can go wrong.

More about the research project

His team are using fruit flies to understand more about how this communication network functions. The gene Notch was discovered in the fruit fly but it turned out that the role it plays in normal development, growth, and even in the generation of tumours, is similar to the role it plays in humans. Dr Vaccari hopes that their research will reveal more information about the biological processes that Notch controls, which will ultimately lead to a better understanding of its role in cancer.


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